Fritz József
Fritz József aláírás

Fritz Wine House is built on centuries-old family traditions. Today we grow vines in an area of 30 hectares. Making premium wines is a way of paying respect to the German family traditions that was first recorded in 1635. Our ancestors arrived from Würmersheim, a village near Baden, in the province of Baden-Württenberg. This is the past and the present, and the future aims at continuing these traditions and even exceeding our achievements so far.
In our dynamic, fast-paced world, Fritz Wine House has created a place to offer entertainment as well as relaxation for all.
Mr. Fritz has had a chapel built so that the family wines can reach their top quality at the worthiest place.
Fritz Wine House and Pension has become one of the cultic places of Europe where you can taste excellent wines, relax or even party and enjoy hospitality featuring traditional tastes.